Tourism Hub Podcast with Despina Karatzias celebrating NAIDOC Week Celebrating NAIDOC Week and Crafting a Winning Tourism Business Strategy

Celebrating Milestones, NAIDOC Week and Crafting a Winning Tourism Business Strategy

NAIDOC Week celebrates the rich history and vibrant cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It aligns seamlessly with the tourism industry’s spirit of innovation and excellence. This week, we honour the traditions and achievements of Indigenous communities and reflect on valuable lessons learned over the past decade at the Institute of Excellence. As…

The Inspiring Journey of The Cambium

Unlocking Excellence: The Inspiring Journey of The Cambium, Mornington Peninsula

The Inspiring Journey of The Cambium, Mornington Peninsula Finding a sanctuary that fosters growth and change can be a rare gem in the bustling world of tourism and events. Enter Cambium, an extraordinary retreat space nestled in the heart of Mornington Peninsula. Recently crowned the winner of the Business Startup category at the Mornington Peninsula…

Visitor Information Services, Collaborate for Success

8 Visitor Information Services ‘Collaborate for Success’ Insights and Inspirations

Staying true to its theme ‘Collaborate for Success’ was an experience at the Visitor Information Services, just like this entire year, that we’ll never forget! A first Master of Ceremonies experience, what was initially going to be facilitating zooms, escalated to MC’ing a full out virtual conference over two days with the company of over…

Digital Marketing strategy

How to Plan and Execute an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

As marketing technologies, channels, and platforms evolve, the skill sets of small business owners and professionals must also evolve to be able to plan and execute an effective digital marketing strategy successfully. Technology has enabled marketing strategies to improve at a colossal rate. However, there are still a lot of fundamental principles that businesses of…

Visitor Information Centre Australia logo

The Ultimate Guide to Visitor Servicing (and the #1 Secret Ingredient for Standout Experiences!)

If you missed my earlier blog post on how to virtually hug your visitors, you can catch up here, because we’re diving a little deeper in this guide to visitor servicing to explore into what it takes to create happily, repeat customers and what the visitor experience should look and function like in today’s world of smartphones and digital media.

Group of penguins on the shore with waves in the background

Visit Phillip Island: A Travel Guide and Learning Opportunity for Content Marketers

As a tourism digital marketing trainer, learning on the move has always been the cornerstone of everything I ever wanted the Institute of Excellence to be. My recent Content Marketing and Social Media Masterclass was an example of this where we spent four weeks covering the elements of content marketing, social media marketing, preparation, measurement,…