8 Visitor Information Services ‘Collaborate for Success’ Insights and Inspirations

Staying true to its theme ‘Collaborate for Success’ was an experience at the Visitor Information Services, just like this entire year, that we’ll never forget! A first Master of Ceremonies experience, what was initially going to be facilitating zooms, escalated to MC’ing a full out virtual conference over two days with the company of over…

Transformation Strategy In The Age of COVID

As a business leader, “change” is likely the only constant you manage. Throw in a pandemic, and change IS the only constant you are driving right now. It is a valid point that with change, comes opportunity. In the age of Covid-19 however, any opportunity calls for a transformation strategy. Take, for example, globalisation, innovation,…

The Ultimate Guide to Visitor Servicing (and the #1 Secret Ingredient for Standout Experiences!)

If you missed my earlier blog post on how to virtually hug your visitors, you can catch up here, because we’re diving a little deeper in this guide to visitor servicing to explore into what it takes to create happily, repeat customers and what the visitor experience should look and function like in today’s world of smartphones and digital media.

Want to Build Excellency in Customer Service? Leave Nothing to Chance

The best airlines experience flight delays. World-class restaurants send out wrong orders. And logistics providers could very well lose that important parcel you’re expecting.The truth is that no business or brand is immune to error. But perfection isn’t what builds excellency in a brand. Rather, it’s about meticulously planning every detail to prevent issues from occurring in the first place, and then anticipating what could go wrong and tailoring an appropriate response that will make your customers trust you even more.