Benefits of Blogging for Your Tourism Business

One of the many things I love about developing training programs is the research phase. There are many benefits to blogging for tourism and I get ridiculously excited when I see it in practice.

I am always on the look out for best practice examples of businesses going above and beyond to make a connection with their 'ideal digital visitor'.

This latest blog, Whale Watching on the Great Ocean Road I found on the Alkina Lodge website is the latest example I found as I prepared for yesterday's 'Decoding Your Communication' training.

3 things I loved about this blog that got me inspired to share and shout from the rooftops of excellence HQ!! 

  1. They started with WE 

The blog wasn't about Alkina Lodge it was about a unique experience in the Great Ocean Road region.

  1. They educated 

Yes I may have been sleeping under a rock but I had no idea about whale watching in this area between the months of June to November. Never assume people know what is happening in your backyard.

  1. They inspired 

Because I gained so much value from taking the time to read this I have not only flagged this property to inspire other businesses to get their blog on, I have flagged this experience as something I will love to do.

When the time comes to book a hopeful whale watch on Great Ocean Rd guess I will boom with? Yup, Alkina Lodge has gained a raving fan without ever knowing anything about them, speaking with them or having a recommendation to them.

This is the power of your digital assets. Your content creation and your digital communication.

Have you stayed at Alkina Lodge or seen whales in this beautiful Victorian region? Share your experience with us.

To your excellence always,

Despina xo ?

About Despina:

Thank you so much for reading this article. Ignite excellence in people is the reason I get out of bed in the morning, and that is the reason my training and mentoring practice exists. I help the experience makers of the small to medium business communities use the power of online tools, tips and strategies to grow their business. This is done via face to face group and one on one training and live online tutorials, delivering a combination of digital marketing, social media and tourism marketing specific business development outcomes.

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