007 Interview with an Experience Maker from Peninsula Hot Springs (with Charles Davidson)

Peninsula Hot Springs is an award winning Victorian attraction located 90 minutes from Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula.

I say attraction yet the hot springs have become a destination unto themselves.

Over the years I have visited with girlfriends on a girls day out, have visited with hubby before kids, as a family post kids and most recently all by myself (check out my solo soak bliss video here).

The Penisula Hot Springs was the brain child of Charles Davidson and his brother Richard which they founded together in 1997 and what a treat it was to share a herbal tea and chat with Charles a few weeks ago.

Due to the leadership continually shown by the entire team at Peninsula Hot Springs, in not just the tourism industry, but world-leadership in the spa, wellness and hot springs industries I had the pleasure also to interview Marketing Manager Ashley Kay during a Destination Melbourne Partnership Marketing Workshop I facilitated a couple of years ago.. (Watch the Partnership Marketing Interview with Ashlee Kay)

Admittedly, because I have admired Charles from afar, as well as being new to podcasting I was a tiny little bit nervous for this one.

While nervous to start with, hanging out with this entrepreneurial, experience making mind behind the hot springs I walked away inspired and probably needed another two hours, maybe a part two!

Passionate, purposeful and grounded would be the three words I would use for Charles, and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Podcast Highlights:

Key insights shared in this episode include:

Here is a snapshot of a few of the takeaways I took from my conversation with Charles:

  • There is no such thing as an overnight success, starting a business needs patience and perseverance. It took eight years of digging and construction before the doors opened at Peninsula Hot Springs.
  • Invest in research and planning. Charles has visited hot springs in over 36 countries and continues to invest in research and development to not just improve his business but the greater good of his industry.
  • At the core of Charles passion is a love of hot springs and the medicinal benefits they bring to peoples mental and physical well being.  A vision is nothing without passion and love for what you.
  • Running a business with a universal mission and many projects on the go can be all consuming. Book a holiday in advance, make the time for friends and family (and yourself) always to have something to look forward to.
  • Business Awards like the Victoria Tourism Industry Council RACV Victorian Tourism Awards are not just about winning. They are an excellent way to keep your business on top of your own game. The team at Penninsula Hot Springs continuously raise the bar. Charles is a firm believer in co-opetition and despite winning Hall of Fame multiple times continues to enter the awards under new categories to establish gaps and improve the business.

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