033 The Cambium Experience: Transforming Business Retreats with Sally Marasco

The Cambium Experience: Transforming Business Retreats with Sally Marasco

Transforming Business Retreats with Sally Marasco of The Cambium

A unique conference and event space on the Mornington Peninsula. Sally shares her inspiring journey from working with big brands like Red Bull in London to creating a sanctuary for growth and change at The Cambium. Discover how Sally’s passion for the environment and her background in major events led her to develop a venue that focuses on holistic experiences, team building, and personal growth.Sally discusses the importance of connecting with nature, the intentional design of The Cambium to foster creativity and reduce stress, and the value of offering experiences that do not revolve around alcohol. She also delves into the significance of mentorship, strategic planning, and maintaining excellence in every aspect of business. If you’re looking for inspiration to create meaningful experiences and grow both personally and professionally, this episode is a must-listen.

  • 00:00 – Welcome to the Tourism Hub Podcast, a podcast devoted to your excellence
  • 01:15 – Sally is the owner of Cambium, a high tourism and event venue
  • 03:07 – Cambium is a business retreat that focuses on change and growth
  • 09:09 – Was it this space that you found first or did you have a strategic plan
  • 10:57 – Having great people and mentorships are key to success in any business
  • 13:20 – What advice would you give to everyone going through the startup phase
  • 15:20 – What is your greatest learning from a challenging time in your life
  • 18:42 – Do you still have support from a mentor through your networks
  • 19:36 – So in the beginning launching your business um what was actually holding you back
  • 23:05 – You run some bespoke collaborative events with locals and leading minds
  • 26:11 – So, any parting piece of advice before we. We have to close our discussion today to anyone that’s listening
  • 27:24 – You had me at winner of startup of Melbourne, Melbourne Mornington Peninsula Business Excellence awards


Cambium: https://www.cambium.com.au

Mornington Peninsula Business Excellence Awards: https://www.mpbusinessawards.com.au

Red Bull: (https://www.redbull.com)

The Health Habit by Dr. Amandeep Imar: https://www.booktopia.com.au/the-health-habit-dr-amandeep-imar/book/9780648871801.html

Living Culture: https://livingculture.org.au

Connect with Sally and The Cambium:



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