034 Keep the Fire Burning: NAIDOC Week Inspirations and Business Inspiration for Your Tourism Business

Tourism Hub Podcast with Despina Karatzias celebrating NAIDOC WeekCelebrating NAIDOC Week and Crafting a Winning Tourism Business Strategy

In this special episode of the Tourism Hub Podcast, host Despina Karatzias celebrates NAIDOC Week, a time to honour the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Despina reflects on her own journey, marking ten years since the inception of the Institute of Excellence. She shares invaluable lessons learned over the past decade, offering insights to help you craft a successful business plan for the new financial year. From embracing change and cultivating resilience to lifelong learning and community building.

Despina provides a one-on-one mentoring session aimed at igniting your excellence in the tourism industry. Tune in to gain practical advice and inspiration to thrive in your tourism business or career.

  • 00:00 – This week is NAIDOC Week which celebrates aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander achievements
  • 03:03 – Ten lessons from leading the Institute of Excellence to help you grow your tourism business
  • 05:33 – What is your long term vision for your tourism business and career
  • 06:46 – What does a win in twelve months look like for you and your business
  • 07:41 – For tourism professionals, committing to learning and connecting keeps you connected and proactive
  • 08:59 – Building a network of colleagues, mentors and supporting partners is essential
  • 10:17 – Maintaining passion for what you do is essential for sustained success
  • 13:49 – Understanding and honouring First nations culture could significantly enhance your tourism business
  • 16:43 – This week is NAIDOC Week, celebrating learning, resilience and community

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