021 Managing Your Mental Health and Motivation (with Dr Nasrin Parsianie)

In this episode join Despina Karatzias for a conversation about Managing Your Mental Health and Motivation with Dr Nasrin Parsianie the good, bad and the unique opportunities facing the tourism industry with Dr Nasrin Parsian from Dr Nas Inner Wellness.

Key learnings:

  • PhD in Self Transformation using mixed methodology
  • Help people to become empowered and be in charge of their own lives
  • We are our own most powerful healer
  • “Suicide happens when we don’t see the possibilities”.
  • We need focus one what WE can control from the inside to see the possibilities
  • In every situation, we need to find what the message is for ourselves
  • Be friends with your emotions and express them out loud (dare to express it, don’t suppress it)
  • Cocoon breaking, every time you leave a previous position, you enter into the more beautiful situation.  Create something new.
  • Values are rooted from your heart and connected to what you love and desire
  • “You will see your true light when you dare to pass through the dark tunnel”
  • Stop judging yourself, we are all beautiful people in any situation
  • Change from self criticism and blaming, to acknowledging the pain and fear, and instead focus on self acceptance and assure inner safety
  • Ask your heart, “How do you feel?”
  • Reframe, “R U Ok?” to “How are you feeling?”
  • Be the cause rather than the effect”
  • “Use right words and right emotions when you battle tough situations”
  • Learning is a constant process, Dr Nas does self reflection through journaling
  • Self awareness works with the whole body

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