004 Confessions of a Start Up: Launching a New Website and Business

In this episode of Tourism Hub, you are welcomed into the world of the flying solo life to turn a passion project into a business with passion.

It has been almost three years in my business. As someone that advocates and preaches the importance of a website and a solid content marketing strategy to create regular, inspiring, educational and consistent content that connects you and your message to your audience, I have gone through almost twelve financial quarters of business life without one. It has only been a few weeks since launching instituteofexcellence.com, and it’s not until now that I feel I have started something.

Before that, I worked hard in and around my business taking to social media marketing to share and connect with a like-minded community. Social media his has been very successful and could have served me just fine. The problem with that though is that as businesses we own none of that content or community. It is space for rent. No control. No ownership. It’s all Facebooks asset, not our business asset.

Your website, however, is your asset, your digital home and your opportunity to showcase your uniqueness and experiences.

Insights shared in this episode are around building a website and to an extent what life has been like as a soloist in a world and a previous life I adored of teams and people, good coffee, Friday night drinks, bosses and partnerships! Take this all away to create something new is no easy feat. More a continuous journey of progress. One foot after the other, taking action and absorbing the lessons learned and sharing them. All through the comfort of my new home at instituteofexcellence.com

Key insights shared in this episode include:
  1. Heart Centred Action
  2. When Quitting is Good For You
  3. All roads leading to your website
  4. Your five focal points for your website development
  5. Building a website to facilitate smart collaborations
Links and Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Decoding Digital Marketing for Tourism kicking off 1 pm TODAY!

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