3 Things I Love About Teaching the Professional Diploma of Digital Marketing

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It is such a great feeling being able to be part of such a great experience. Teaching new students and even seasoned marketers gives me a new kind of special feeling. You know that type of feeling that comes with being able to share ideas and learn something new. Teaching Professional Diploma in Digital marketing has been a great opportunity to take charge and share great ideas. For me personally, I believe it is essential to seize opportunity whenever it presents itself, and this has been one of my favourite things in the digital marketing world. There are quite a lot of things that I love regarding teaching digital marketing as a course to students and also digital marketing as an online business strategy.

One of these is the practicality that comes with teaching them. I love to practice what I teach and encourage students to experiment, practice and come up with new and creative marketing strategies that can be employed in their various online business models and industries.

More specifically, three things I love about teaching the diploma are:

1. It is spread over an extensive period of time

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is spread over 10 weeks. This is definitely an extensive period of teaching and practice. During this period, students are exposed to latest digital marketing trends which have been tried and known to produce massive results. The drive and the target of this professional diploma in digital marketing are super awesome because it is all targeted at seeing the digital marketers go out there in the real world and conquer. It is more of a digital marketing armoury where digital marketers go in for 10 practical weeks of digital marketing training and become so equipped to experience a quantum winning leap in their various online businesses. One other thing about teaching professional diploma in digital marketing is the face- to- face contact. You can't imagine the feeling it brings being able to interact and share ideas with open minded young and growing entrepreneurs. Also, the course modules cover a lot of important topics that are necessary for the development and growth of not just the digital marketer but also their business. With modules covering several topics such as mobile marketing, digital display, email marketing, social media, and analytics which is very important because digital marketing in the 21st century needs to be aligned to a really good metrics which allows to the online marketer to know what changes need to be done and when to apply them.

2. You always get to meet like-minded and goal driven minds and people.

This is definitely the biggest bonus that comes with teaching professional diploma in digital marketing. The type of koinonia that you get with like minded and vibrant individuals who possess excellent entrepreneurial abilities and skills. I get really challenged with the kind of passion with which they infuse all that is being taught regarding digital marketing. It leaves me so inspired to hear of their goals, visions, the stories they share, and everything about their learning of digital marketing purpose. It leaves me challenged and motivated to share mine and also make more strides in my own pursuit.

3. Co- Expert Digital Marketing Trainer Association

For me, this is more of a motivating factor rather than an intimidating factor. In the Professional diploma in digital marketing, I get to meet expert from every facet of social media and digital marketing industry. All the aspect of the modules ranging from the Search Engine Optimisation aspect down to the digital display, they are all handled by professional and seasoned teachers. This usually helps me to learn more and exposes me to a more deeper aspect of the social media and digital marketing world which may be still unknown to me. As a teacher myself, this has been one the major reason that has pushed me to research and learn more to impact my students more relevantly. Now I get to learn new developments taking place in the social media world which in turn aid my teaching skills. By being able to carry out more research, I am now able to reveal certain new things which may not be included in the course content, but it is highly relevant to the students as a digital marketer. This association has seen me become more accountable and also gives me a sense of fulfillment that I have been able to impact them with great ideas enough to see them succeed in their businesses and careers.

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