On the shoulders of giants – do you have a mentor?

One of the greatest scientists of his time, Sir Isaac Newton, once said, “If I have seen further than other men it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants”. Standing on the shoulders of those we respect, admire and who are achieving the results that we aspire to, are the people you want to be surrounded by.

I heard once that we are the average of the five people we spend most time with. That’s not to say go and get new friends. It’s more of a change of focus. Actively scheduling time to hang out with people that are talking the talk and walking the walk, backing themselves up with massive action and achieving results beyond my imagination of what is possible fuels my body, mind and soul and broadens the horizon.

The 3 key benefits to having a mentor are:

1. Support

You have access to a support system during critical stages of your career and business development to guide, support and develop a plan towards your goals.

2. Powerful resource

I often think of all the mentors  I have worked with as my secret weapons. Each individual I have worked with over the years fuels me with inspiration and most importantly keeps me accountable. A quality mentor will be your most powerful resource and asset to assist you to identify your purpose and desired outcome for any area of your life or business.

3. Establish a gap

A mentor works closely to determine what you want and the reality of where you are. By establishing a gap first you can then get to work together to fill it with gold nuggets to see you shine.

Off course it's different for everyone. As soon as I heard that the same sex parent is a child’s greatest role model I knew I had to step it up. Surrounding myself with role models and mentors has been a big part of that. You are unique and have a gift like no other ready to be explored and bought to life. You can do it alone because you can do anything you put your mind to or you can find a partner in your mentor  to conspire for your success and fuel your determination to succeed.

To your excellence,

Despina x

If you will like to know more about our mentoring services please feel free to contact me.

Despina is a passionate digital marketer, social media maestro and tourism professional. With over 15 years working and growing small businesses she started her own boutique training business, Institute of Excellence with the intention to ignite excellence in business and people. As a Certified Victorian Tourism eKit Trainer, business coach, author and digital marketing professional, Despina is a passionate advocate for growing small business through shared experiences because every business has a very special gift, YOU!

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