Understanding the Visitor Economy

Tourism Training: How to Attract, Connect With and Serve Your Visitor

Course Objectives

The key objective for this training is to have an appreciation for the shift in the tourism industry to the robust and thriving visitor economy. We take you through the visitor journey and how you can best attract, connect with and serve the modern day visitor.

Course Delivery

Keynote Presentation

Group Training

The Goal:

In a world where everyone is connected and visitor information is readily available, the customer experience is your brand. And without defining these experiences, brands can become victim to whatever people feel and share online. In this training discover why great products, creative marketing, and delightful customer service are no longer enough to win customers. We’ll unlock why the future of business is experiential and show you how to create and cultivate meaningful experiences.

The Wins:

– Discover why customer service, brand building and online reputation is an inside out job

- Customer expectations and creating meaningful experiences

- Explore the customer journey from dreaming to doing  and cost of complaining

Module 1: Visitor Journey

Lesson 1: Visitor Insights and Expectations

Lesson 2: The Value of a Happy Visitor

Lesson 3: The Cost of Complaining in Australia

Module 2: Becoming Visitor Centric

Lesson 1: Ideal Visitor Avatar (IVA)

Lesson 2: Delivering Values Driven Service

Lesson 3: The Ultimate Selling Proposition of Your Business

Module 3: Smart Collaborations

Lesson 1: The Power of the Collective

Lesson 2: Visitor Servicing Through Packaging

Lesson 3: 5 Key Components of Successful Packaging

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the difference between tourism and visitor economy
  • The laws of visitor attraction
  • How to make meaningful visitor connections
  • Visitor servicing through world class service

Who is this training developed for?

  • Front Line Visitor/Guest Service Staff
  • Visitor Information Centre Staff and Volunteers
  • Small/Medium Tourism Business Owners and Staff

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