023 Transform Your Small Business to a Smart Tourism Business

How to successfully transform your small business to a smart tourism business with Liz Ward, CEO https://TourismTribe.com and https://Navii.com.au

Key learnings:

  • To become the digital expert for small businesses in the tourism industry
  • Businesses can take action today:
    • Look at your core assets (cyber security and backups)
    • Website as your #1 marketing asset, optimise it!
    • Develop customer personas for your ideal target market
    • Go through your feedback and comments left by customers online
  • Marketing using lead magnets and email marketing automation
  • The feeling of, “We will not fail!” was the ah-ha moment with 100% clarity
  • Put aside the thoughts that do not serve you
  • Imposter syndrome is something that
  • Lose the JUST!
  • Group Think: If there’s more than one person with a strong view on the direction to take, others will follow.  Deal with it with the whole group.
  • Advice: Know your niche, what is your USP?

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