Hitting the reset button for you and your business on the final day of 16/17 financial year!

I love this time of year as it's time to hit the reset button on the first day of 17/18 new financial year. It’s a perfect time to look at your actions and look at your numbers. Reflect on how things are tracking and make decisions based on those two things. Get busy cutting things out that are not producing. Keep things that are and make them better, and plant new seeds as the new financial year begins.

Because of this, July to me is like my second chance at January, making June my second chance December.

Still with me?

Traditionally this also meant two sets of new year’s resolutions. One for the end of the year and one for the ‘second chance’ midyear check-in!

This year tough I scrapped the whole new resolution thing and opted for the Chris Brogan approach of choosing three words instead.

Choose Three Words for Your Business Success in 2017/18

The theory behind three words is first to pick any three words that you can use to guide you forward to success in the coming year. Write these words down every day. Keep them posted on your monitor. Make a phone wallpaper. Whatever is going to keep those words present? Do whatever it takes to register, recall and give you a moment to reflect on the three words you’ve chosen for greatness and success.

Why THREE Words?

Mr. Brogan explains that you can use them for triangulation. One word seems to fade away from our memory too quickly. Two words sets our brain up to think of “this or that” kinds of logic. Three words gives us a way to think about the situations in our lives from many dimensions.

My 2017 THREE Words

This year I was very clear on the three words I carefully chose at the beginning of the year to keep myself in line. They go a little something like this:

DECIDE – Make purpose, value-driven decisions quickly and with confidence. I want to eliminate procrastination. It's a time water and wasting time getting caught in analysis paralysis is unproductive and can stop the momentum. Choosing DECIDE keeps me accountable to move quickly, without regrets just new learning experiences.

PASSION – To give my all to all that I do and the people I love. Do things that expand my heart with joy, do it passionately and hang out with passionate people.


To choose when what, how and with who! Saying no to opportunities is just as important as saying yes. Also one of my favourite George Michael songs…I won’t let you down, I will not give you up…you’ve gotta give for what you take!

Speaking of new beginnings, this week I have a special guest joining me on the Tourism Hub podcast. His name is Adrian Byrt. Adrian Byrt, has achieved some great things in his role as Relationship Consultant & Events at Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC). If you have never heard of VTIC this is Victoria’s peak leadership organisation.

As it turns out today is Adrian’s last day at VTIC. We caught up for a coffee and Adrian kindly shared his journey in tourism and beyond. Also, he shares some solid advice and gold nuggets that new and seasoned experience makers will benefit.

Tourism Hub Episode 5 - 'Visitors, Values and VTIC'

Never miss an episode by subscribing to the Tourism Hub Podcast on iTunes. Last week I interviewed Charles Davidson, the experience maker behind award winning, Peninsula Hot Springs. Can’t wait to share this one!

Signing off with a song: Feeling Good – Nina Simone

Despina Karatzias
Despina is a passionate digital marketer, social media maestro and tourism professional. She is a Certified Trainer, Tourism Hub Podcast host, qualified business coach, author and digital marketing professional with twenty years’ experience in the tourism industry. Despina is the very proud Chief Navigator of leading digital education platform for small business Navii Digital and Tourism Tribe. Outside of the training room, Despina loves planning adventures and above everything spending time with her family. Despina is a passionate advocate for growing small business through shared experiences because every business has a very special gift, YOU!

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