People don’t buy what you do…

People don't buy what you do...they buy WHY you do it! This was the key message from global brand master Peter Economides during a series of lectures around Melbourne this week. Mr Economides was integral to the re-branding of Apple in the late nineties and the mastermind behind the  'think

5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Published Author

Last Friday I had a call from my publisher to tell me my book ‘Adventures of a Balloon Girl‘ was not only ready it was delivered to my door step. I was not home at the time and I was glad. Suddenly I didn’t feel ready to see it, to

Getting clear on your purpose – your BIG why?

My new book Adventures wholesale mlb jerseys of a Balloon Girl is a book about achieving excellence in small business as I reflect and share my journey managing Victoria’s leading olacak ballooning company, Global Ballooning. Over the NLP coming weeks I will unveil

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