How To Create A Killer Facebook Marketing Strategy With These 5 Tips

If you want Facebook marketing to work for your business, you must develop a strategic plan of action for increased ROE, return on engagement. Simply posting content on Facebook and hoping for significant social media return on investment in your time, effort and advertising won’t work. Businesses approaching Facebook marketing

5 Digital Marketing Actions to Help Your Small Business Thrive

The responsibility of running a small business is real. Cash flow, quotes, follow-ups, day-to-day operations, sales and what is often left last on the list, marketing, especially, digital marketing. The responsibility is real, and so is the demand for your time and attention.
If you want to increase your odds

Werribee Open Range Zoo

Learning on The Move – Tourism Training Done Differently

“ Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin
Learning on the move and facilitating tourism training done differently has been a highlight for Institute of Excellence. It all started earlier this year when I had one of those exciting

6 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Influence

5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Influence


If you don’t have time to read, here is a short video summary 🙂
Do you want to grow your Instagram influence and personal brand? Social media has proven to be a valuable tool when it comes to reaching the masses. Your product and service is only

Digital Marketing for Small Business - Quick SEO Tips You Need to Know

Digital Marketing for Small Business: Quick SEO Tips You Need to Know

Are you tired of competitors outranking you on search engines?
Does your small business offer a better product/service, yet you find competitors consistently rank higher than you in search engine ranking placements?
The problem might be that you are overlooking some of the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO). Small

Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program Inspiring Industry for 10 Years

2018 marks the tenth year anniversary of Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program (MTLP), the greatest leadership program the industry has seen. Last night Destination Melbourne celebrated this milestone at the stunning Hamer Hall. It was the greatest honour to have experienced first hand the MTLP magic in 2012. The even greater

10 Tips to Protect Your Facebook Account and Your Business

Facebook has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Following questions from a recent social media class I delivered recently, on what this means for the future of Facebook I thought I would share with you my thoughts as well as '10 Tips to Protect Your Facebook Account

Digital Storytelling to Inspire Action in Your Tourism Business

In our fast-paced, digital world, it’s essential to make your mark and establish a presence through different online and social media platforms. Every day in the tourism and small business worlds there is a lot to prioritise with your marketing efforts. Master digital storytelling is another way to help your
Empowering Women - Celebrating Australian Female Rule Breakers

Empowering Women: Celebrating Australian Female Rule Breakers

International Women's Day has me thinking of female entrepreneurial, humanitarian Aussie rule breakers who I have met and admired up close and from afar. It is with pleasure to compile this list of ten Australian women who have moved the needle in their respective fields and paved the way forward for
Blogging and Social Media Retreat

Blogging and Social Media Retreat Experience

Typically when I go away, I pack at least three books, my journal and my laptop (because a holiday is a great time to catch up on work!) and load up my Kindle with more 'just in case' books! 2005 was the last time I read a non-fiction book. It

Benefits of Blogging for Your Tourism Business

One of the many things I love about developing training programs is the research phase. There are many benefits to blogging for tourism and I get ridiculously excited when I see it in practice. I am always on the look out for best practice examples of businesses going above and beyond to

Confessions of a start up…launching like the Elon!

Elon Musk’s biography is my latest read. If you are not familiar with Musk, he is the brainchild behind PayPal, his second successful company. Yes, second. Before starting Paypal, Elon, began his first business in 1995 called Zip2 with a loan from his father for $28,000. It was acquired by

5 Ways to Build a Strong Online Reputation

A strong online reputation is one of the greatest secrets to succeeding as an online businessman or as a local business owner. With different platforms which offer business a medium to creating and building a reputation online, the key to succeeding is not just in creating an online reputation but

3 Steps to Decoding Your Digital Marketing

3 Steps to Decoding Your Digital Marketing How is your marketing going? Are you clear on your objectives? Have a clear plan or are you just flat out busy and just don't have time for that? The thing is as soon as you get used to one thing - bam

4 Key Digital Trends That Impacts Visitor Experiences

Seems like the growing influence of digital and social media capabilities is one thing. Yet growing influence of mobile and social media capabilities have given rise to a far more connected traveller. It is always important for the experience makers of the visitor industry to appreciate that the landscape of

Tourism Industry Leadership Program

The Melbourne Tourism Industry Leadership Program (MTILP) is a ground breaking leadership development program that gives people with a demonstrated interest in the visitor industry an opportunity to grow as leaders. See what Despina has to say...

What would you do if someone said this to you?

Spending some time with the big Fish reminded me of a simple story about a fisherman in a village who catches enough to provide for his family. He has enough time for family, for friends, for activities, etc. A business man goes to him and tells him if he catches more

To do what you love you gotta do some stuff that you loathe…

This morning I ran. Since transitioning from employee to flying solo in business life I haven’t run at all. Kids, clients, opportunities, housework, homework, deadlines and idea seizures popping off like tiny grenades in my head has wiped my running ritual off the agenda. When it was a ritual and part

People don’t buy what you do…

People don't buy what you do...they buy WHY you do it! This was the key message from global brand master Peter Economides during a series of lectures around Melbourne this week. Mr Economides was integral to the re-branding of Apple in the late nineties and the mastermind behind the  'think

Women’s Business

Last night the Honourable Louise Asher MP hosted a ‘Women in International Business’ networking event in Mumbai, India sponsored by WE Connect International. The purpose of this event was to give Indian and Victorian women an opportunity to build the foundation of solid relationships and collaboration to further contribute to

5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Published Author

Last Friday I had a call from my publisher to tell me my book ‘Adventures of a Balloon Girl‘ was not only ready it was delivered to my door step. I was not home at the time and I was glad. Suddenly I didn’t feel ready to see it, to

On the shoulders of giants – do you have a mentor?

One of the greatest scientists of his time, Sir Isaac Newton, once said, “If I have seen further than other men it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants”. Standing on the shoulders of those we respect, admire and who are achieving the results that we aspire

Getting clear on your purpose – your BIG why?

My new book Adventures of a Balloon Girl is a book about achieving excellence in small business as I reflect and share my journey managing Victoria’s leading ballooning company, Global Ballooning. Over the coming weeks I will unveil each chapter with a series of inspired blogs and videos.

In Chapter one

5 Success Principles of NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) consists of very effective techniques that give you back choices that you didn’t know you had. Even more than that, it is an attitude of curiosity, of wanting to learn new things, and explore possibilities. In order for anything from NLP to be successfully applied, there

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