We’ve engaged Despina to do a product, packaging seminar presentation for us. Despina’s research on the product prior to delivering it was fantastic. We ended up with a real engaging and productive session. The ability for her to draw out everybody’s content and everybody’s contribution was fantastic and we would highly recommend her.

Greg Roberts
Golf On The Muray

I have been to quite a few of these sessions and this one was outstanding. Despina was so personal, all our staff could speak to her one on one or as a group without any issues. For us it was a matter of where do we want to go and where do we want to be in 2018 and Despina set us on the track of how we are going to achieve that and we got a buy in from all the team. For me personally I got a lot out of it. Refreshed my whole way of thinking and I have come out of it I believe with new exuberance on what I am going to be doing here at this fabulous facility.

I recently did the course Decoding Social Media with Despina and it was really amazing, quite transformational. When my boss said to me at Yarra Valley Conference Centre (now Yarra Valley Estate) would you like to do this course I had a little bit of interest in social media and I used to do a little bit of Facebooking but always thought it was for the kids. Through attending this course it has absolutely transformed my life as I’ve seen how big this thing is. The reach that you can go to, the people that you can contact and how you can transform your small business to something that really is substantial is amazing. I recommend this course to anybody because you are going to see a difference in your life and in your business.

We have had the pleasure of working with Despina on two separate occasions now and her teaching style and enthusiasm are truly a breath of fresh air. Our tourism organisations get so bogged down in their day to day operations, that finding time for marketing and social media can be the last thing on their minds. Having someone available that can relate to their situation, explain these platforms in language they can understand and then provide them with follow up social media health checks really takes this kind of program to another level. We have really enjoyed partnering with Despina to bring these workshops to our region and we look forward to continuing that relationship and helping our operators to grow their online presence.”

I just want to let everybody know how amazing it has been working with Despina for the last 12 months and it’s going to be amazing for the next 12 months. I guarantee you will come away with so much more than you already know. Do your selves a favour and have a chat to Despi you won’t regret it.

Faye Hendeecksen
Rochford Wines

When the opportunity came up for me to do this 6-week Decoding social media course I wanted to jump on it. I’ve been using Facebook and Twitter but there’s also Instagram for one, which will be hugely beneficial for our particular event along with You Tube, blogging and loads more information on current trends in digital marketing. It’s the social media of what, why, when, how questions all answered by Despina. She’s knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and when someone is passionate they do it well. I definitely recommend one of Despina’s workshops for anyone wanting to gain clarity on the topic as her attention to detail will prove invaluable for your business so you don’t get left behind.

I’ve learned more than I could possibly imagine. I had absolutely no experience with any social media and I have learned everything from Facebook, Instagram through to certain apps to make things much much easier and I recommend this course to anyone that wants to get involved with social media and if youre in business you need to.

Despina brings her energy and passion for the tourism industry with her to the Mornington Peninsula several times each year facilitating workshops on; social media, marketing and customer service. Her years of experience shine through when she interacts with local tourism operators using language which is relatable and practical, breaking down the jargon into comprehendible ideas. One of her greatest strengths is her understanding the needs of small to medium businesses and providing useful free tools to streamline processes and save businesses time. A true professional, Despina goes the extra mile with her training sessions and is a pleasure to work with.

Despina Karatzias facilitated the Social Media segment as part of the Destination Gippsland “Creating Smart Connections” program which aimed to increase the online digital presence of Gippsland Tourism businesses through six roadshow workshops. Despina was highly professional and engaging and provided participants with a range of relevant and easily understood information. The majority of survey respondents indicated that Despina’s presentation was valued as useful to extremely useful.

When we launched Tourism Tribe in July 15, Despina was immediately part of our founding team of experts we selected to play a leadership role in our community as she is exemplary at delivering engaging industry training to serve any sized business from a small owner operated bed and breakfast to a large government-operated tourism organisation.

Most recently I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of her sessions and what I loved most was her ability to move from strategic to practical advice on the fly and her hands-on experience shone through to the benefit of the participants so they could take away advice that they saw in action.

We first met and enjoyed a close working relationship with Despina when she managed Global Ballooning Australia. Not long after she finished her tenure at Global Ballooning we were looking to grow our Segway Victoria business, especially from a social media viewpoint, and Despina was the logical person to turn to given her marketing & digital expertise. Despina has since become an integral member of our team driving our social media strategy and assisting with the implementation of marketing initiatives which have helped grow our online presence, resulting in improved guest numbers and voucher sales. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Despina’s energy & insights to anyone looking to expand their online presence.

Terry and Fiona Smit
Owners, Segway Victoria

Despina has been providing me with much needed guidance over the past 6 months. Her knowledge of business is very broad and her ability to motivate and inspire is one of her greatest strengths. She’s been tough with me when needed but always delivered her message with just the right amount of enthusiasm and kindness. I would highly recommend Despina to any micro or small business owner who is looking for a serious mentor or just some good solid business advice.

Mark Williams

Working with Despina is like tapping into Mary Poppins’ bag of endless tricks, tips, ideas and recommendations. We have had Despina facilitate a one to many workshop session in which the group was so inspired and encouraged. This was a bespoke session from an idea that we dreamed up and Despina totally delivered on. The conversation and exchange of ideas was robust and highly informative. So many take away moments which will not only help our industry to grow and develop, but also our team as a destination marketing organisation. We have also had the fortune of sitting with Despina in a small group intensive session where we explored so many ideas and unpacked a wealth of tools to assist in refocussing our strategic direction for online and social media marketing. Her approach is energetic and inspiring, and she has a wealth of knowledge that she is only too pleased to pass on – even a few secrets! It is such a pleasure to be working with Despina and we look forward to enjoying many more sessions with her in the coming months (and years).

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